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Welcome to BodyRhythmsNC! The goal of Body Rhythms is to help you find a comfortable way and a place to relax, release, and recover from your crazy busy life. We offer yoga, drum circles and dancing. Any one of these or all three together will help you find your inner peace. Namaste.


Interest in yoga is increasing at an amazing rate. What was once ridiculed as a bizarre fad is today recognized as a basic skill. Many people thought yoga was just for flexible bodies, athletic bodies, or young bodies. It was certainly not for them. Now, they have embraced it as a way of life. Yoga has flourished.
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Drum circles are a way to bring people together. Playing and dancing together, fully participating, we become a group, creating and sharing a rhythmical and musical experience. Each individual’s contribution is equally important, regardless of their rhythmical, musical or technical expertise. Drum circles are the simplest way to bring people together and unite in peace, harmony, and love.
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Events and Festivals


Whether its the music you love or your favorite dance, Events are that place that allow your body, mind, and spirit to come alive. We will try to keep as many events as possible listed. Drop us an email if you would like your event to be added.
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